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Miyako Sudo by emeraldgreenskyline
Miyako Sudo
So after making Miyako here, I'll probably be doing a lot more ghosts.  I picked her for many reasons, mainly because she'd be simple, I needed to stretch my tan, and my sister loves her.  

She's really cute, and my sister is super happy with her.
So, just exactly how would one determine what to price them at?  Eventually I'd like to sell mine, but the only price I've been given is from my mother, who thinks $15 would be a good price.  And while I don't think my plushies are amazing, wonderful, stupendous, everyone-must-have-them! good, I feel $15 is a severe lowball.  I honestly don't even think that would cover the cost of materials, much less time put into them.  (Despite having yarn stacked to the ceiling in some places, I still have had to go out and buy certain colors!)

I had thought of making a few plushies of very popular, well known characters, and auctioning them off, then going from there.  I had also thought of just waiting to see if people would want one made, but that's looking to be a very long wait.  

So you see, I don't know how exactly to price them if I were to start selling them.
Young Anna by emeraldgreenskyline
Young Anna
So, I did young Anna here, for a few reasons.  I figured she'd be easy, fun, and I was asked to make an Anna, though I think she might have meant Anna's main outfit.

I'm not fully thrilled with her, mainly due to her bangs.  Despite my various efforts, they won't lay flat and keep sticking up.
Laura by emeraldgreenskyline
I went with Laura mainly because I figured she'd be easier and different than what I had been doing lately.  She was pretty fast to do, I just didn't pick her up for a couple of days before I finished her.

I had been having trouble keeping my faces straight, so I tried to stitch on just the back of her head before doing her face, to make it straight.  Didn't work. :(

I'd still love to the The Keeper one day, mainly trying to figure out how to make him bloody.  Also Joseph and Sebastian.
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I feel like I use Tumblr a lot more.  Though no much at all really!  In case you can't tell, Valtia is my Tumblr account.

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TumbleZee Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015
thanks for the llama !! I really like the  ygo zexal shark plush that you made ^ 3 ^ !
emeraldgreenskyline Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
You're welcome!  And thank you, Shark has been one of my very favorites.  My sister actually carries him around in her purse!
TumbleZee Featured By Owner 6 days ago
your most welcome !! he is one of my favorites too! aww thats  so cute  and its where he lives  too lol
emeraldgreenskyline Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Yeah, poor Shark's been a few places he might not have wanted to go, like the ladies' room.  Lol, she hasn't taken him out of her bag at all.
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TixieLix Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave on my Link pic!
emeraldgreenskyline Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
You're welcome!
Malu-CLBS Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave! ^_^
emeraldgreenskyline Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
You're welcome :)
TOKITOS Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the fav^^
emeraldgreenskyline Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
You're very welcome :)
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