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I'd like to get something done for my birthday, more specifically fan art of Byron Arclight because everyone else has let me down.  I have either not received the art at all, curse you Listia scammers, or it's not good.  As in, nowhere near the references I recieved good.  I wanted to cover one part of my walls with art of him and his eldest son, but right now I'm to the point of "just give me one good one!"

So what I'm looking for in a nutshell:

* You MUST be willing to ship.

* I am NOT looking for digital or prints

* You must draw males

* You must draw anime style and be comfortable doing fan art

* I have a little over $100 dollars now.  I don't want to spend it all.  I know this will probably not be do-able by the time my birthday rolls around because good art takes time.  If I have no one by then, or more expensive art, you'll have to wait until my birthday when I get some money.

I'll pay for shipping, that should go without saying.
I ask because, well I asked before and only two people were willing, except they only drew females.  So I'll try again.  I'm looking for art to cover my walls like so 

I am not looking for prints.  And I have a lot of art ideas I'd like to see on my walls.  so finding someone who could do that would be great.  I don't have as much money now, so I can't get the piece done I had my heart set on at this moment, but I would like to treat myself for my birthday next month.

If nobody will, then I guess I'll have to rely on Listia, where people don't even send you any art half the time now, and use Deviantart for the occasional dakimakura commission. 
Reginald by emeraldgreenskyline
Since I'm here, I'm going to upload little crochet Reginald here.  I did him for a couple of reasons.  To see if I could make plushies, since I used to do things piece by piece but now I'm better to the point that I can make more rounded pieces, instead of making squares and piecing them together.  And I picked Shark because if I messed up on him, it wouldn't bother me as much as if it were, say, any of the Arclights.
I'm looking to get something done my sister and I wound up discussing as a joke.   But I, of course, need some help.  What I need most of all is:

*A traditional artist, not digital artwork at this time.
*Good at males, I need four drawn at different ages.
*Good at weapons as well, also need four done.
*Someone willing to ship this to me.  I want to hang it on my wall.  I will, of course, cover the shipping price.
*Aside from the standard frames like 4x6 and 8x10, I can also easily get my hands on 16x20, 18x24, 22x28, 20x30, 22x34, 24x36, and 27x40.  It doesn't have to be HUGE, I just want it big enough for me to see well (so preferably of course not 4x6) and to fit in one of those size frames.
*I'm not expecting this done within a day, but I'm also not looking to wait months.  I have had good experiences on here, and bad as well.  I don't want to have to wait months and not hear from you at all.

If you have no problems with any of that, the general idea I'm looking for is the Arclights from Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL with a mob like vibe.  All of them wearing pinstriped suits with matching fedoras and black dress shoes, though I want the striping in their colors (Quinton - Blue, Quattro - Yellow, Trey - Red, and Vetrix - Green) instead of white.  

Each of them with different weapons (Katana, Thompson Submachine Gun, Ice Pick, and Baseball Bat), in different poses, gathered around Vetrix in his chair.  I will, of course, go into more detail if I find someone willing to do this.  I'm very worried about the shipping.  I don't know how many people will do that here, I've never asked for it.  

To give you a general idea of what the four of them look like if you don't know here you are: Trey Quattro Quinton All four Vetrix and Trey Vetrix and Quinton


United States
I'm a 24 year old female who has always wanted to be an artist but doesn't have any skill with a pencil. It finally hit me one day that I can crochet some, I know about five different stitches, and that art isn't just about drawing.

I don't know how often I'll update things because it takes me some time to get everything working and I can't promise perfection but I'm pretty proud of what I can do.

Current Residence: GA, USA
Favourite genre of music: I like most anything except country
Favourite style of art: Even though I can't do it I love anime art
MP3 player of choice: iPod, finally replaced my Nano with a 160 Classic!
Favourite cartoon character: Can't pick just one
  • Mood: Bewildered

I will be posting a completed baby blanket within the next week I hope.  Still haven't finished the burgundy because I keep putting it off.  The baby blanket is an experiment, and I'm enjoying it nicely.

Also debating on spending Christmas money on another custom dakimakura (Raymond most likely), a custom Monster High (Raymond, naturally), or just fan art.  If I can't find any dolls that is.

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